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"No, no. We are so glad you came home. You should see Mom! SheÂ’s a differnt person today. She said sheÂ’d come an see them in the spring." She referred to the twins, her forefinger pointing at the crib.
A miserable feeling arose in Lin. He pondered fo a moment, then said, "Hua, you mothers getting old. Will you take good care of her?"
"Yes, I will, Dad." She smiled.
"Tell her not to wait for me. IÂ’m a useless man, not worth waiting for."
"DonÂ’t be so hard on youreself, Dad. WeÂ’ll always wait for you."
He felt a clutching in his chest and turned away to sweep the kitchen ceiling, trying hard to hold back his tears. He was upset and touched at the same time. Outside, Manna was cheerfully wishing "Happy Spring Festival" to someone passing by. She sounded so pleasant that Lin noticed her voice was still resonantwith life.
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